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Johanna Stars

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Years ago my girlfriend (now wife) and I packed some stuff in our car and sped out of the city to get to some place miles away named "Johanna Beach" to meet some friends. I think I was finishing a shoot late, and we ended up leaving later than we should have, and it was ten or so by the time we pulled into the dark campsite, and we drove round and round trying to find where we were supposed to go. We couldn't get our friends on the phone so we put our tent up in the pitch black and went to sleep. It turned out we were on the other side of the park from where we were supposed to go and had to move it all the next morning. Johanna Beach is where two of the oceans meet so is extraordinarily noisy as the waves constantly crash and fight for dominance; which freaked our dog out all night. The poor thing was terrified for hours, and wouldn't get out of the car until we went down to the water the next day. This photo was taken late at night while drinking whisky and thinking about the universe. It's not a perfect astro photo, but I've always loved how it just captures what it feels like down there. The sky is so huge and wild while the ocean roars day and night constantly reminding us of our insignificance. 

I print this on Canson Platine Fibre based paper, which in my opinion handles, feels and looks like the beautiful fibre based paper I used to love printing with in the darkroom. The contrast and semi gloss finish really makes the sky sparkle. Stunning. I love it. 

Sizes refer to the sheet I'm printing on, but due to aspect ratio the actual image size is a little different, so I advise waiting till you've got the print before buying frames, or better still get it framed professionally by someone like United Measures or Neo. Or, if you like I can sell it to you framed. Just get in touch. 

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