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A beautiful rose shot in my home studio during Melbourne lockdown 3 with natural light. I love how you can just stare into the void and it just keeps on going.

I print this on Canson Platine Fibre based paper, which in my opinion handles, feels and looks like the beautiful fibre based paper I used to love printing with in the darkroom. This is one of the first images I created with my new Phase One 100 megapixel camera, and on this paper the sharpness and quality just leaps off the paper. Stunning. I love it. 

Sizes refer to the sheet I'm printing on, but due to aspect ratio the actual image size is a little different, so I advise waiting till you've got the print before buying frames, or better still get it framed professionally by someone like United Measures or Neo. Or, if you like I can sell it to you framed. Just get in touch. 

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