I have a strong dislike for the term "personal work". For me, all work is personal (well, almost all of it). I find moments within big jobs that often I'll take for myself.. Does that make it not a job? I don't know. 

People sometimes ask "are you working on any personal projects at the moment" and for the longest time that question would fill me with dread. I realised one day that my life is my personal project, I tend naturally to lean toward observation rather than conjuring; finding treasure in front of me is something I find far more rewarding than coaxing something towards that which it is not. 

This section is photos I wander around the planet finding on my own. It's where I find solitude.. Sometimes coming back to images years later and finding moments I missed. This process is where I find stillness and rejuvenation. It's not quite 'travel', it's not quite 'personal', and it's not quite 'street'.. Whatever it is, I like it and I hope you do too. 

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