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Macro detail of the volume knob of a 1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, shot on a beautiful Phase One IQ4 150 state of the art medium format camera. Every tiny scratch and scuff from the last fifty years is visible in this amazing image. Printed large, it's actually quite astonishing to look so closely at such a tiny object that is never normally given a second thought.

I print this image on Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag, which is a fibre, cotton based paper with a cutting edge new microporous coating which harkens back to the old fibre based darkroom papers I used to use "back in the day". It's exceptionally brilliant, and provides incredibly saturated, contrasty colours. It works so well in this image, so rich and luscious.

Prices here are for print only, but i do have framing options available, please get in touch if you're interested. 

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